WLAN Device

The WLAN device represents an 802.11 device in a WLAN network. This can be a node running the 802.11 Reference Design or a commercial 802.11 device.

Class Definition

class WlanDevice(mac_address, name=None, ht_capable=True)[source]

Class for WLAN Device. This is the parent class for all wlan_exp node class definitions. This class also provides a node type for devices which exist in a wireless network but are not controlled by wlan_exp (i.e. a Wi-Fi client connected to an 802.11 Reference Design AP).

  • mac_address (int, str) – Medium Access Control (MAC) address of the WLAN device (48-bits) The mac_address should be of the format: 0x0123456789AB or ‘01:23:45:67:89:AB’
  • name (string) – User generated description of the WLAN device
  • ht_capable (bool) – Indicates if device has PHY capable of HT (802.11n) rates

Class Members:

  • name (string) – User generated description of the WLAN device
  • wlan_mac_address (int) – MAC Address of WLAN Device
  • ht_capable (bool) – Indicates if device has PHY capable of HT (802.11n) rates


To create a WLAN device, first specify the MAC address and name of the device:

# WLAN devices
# Contains a list of tuples: (MAC Address, 'String description of device')
#  MAC addresses must be expressed as uint64 values
#  For example, use 0x0123456789AB for MAC address 01:23:45:67:89:AB
WLAN_DEVICE_LIST  = [(0x000000000000, 'My Device')]

Given the device parameters, create WLAN devices for each device:

# Setup WLAN devices
devices = []

for device in WLAN_DEVICE_LIST:
    devices.append(wlan_device.WlanDevice(mac_address=device[0], name=device[1]))

Finally, interact with the devices within the 802.11 Reference Design Experiments Framework:

# Wait for devices to associate with the AP
print("Waiting for devices to join:")

total_devices = len(devices)
tmp_devices   = list(devices)
num_joined    = 0

while (total_devices != num_joined):

    for device in tmp_devices:
        if n_ap.is_associated(device):
            print("    {0} joined".format(device.name))
            num_joined += 1