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    1111||  WARP v3  ||  [ 1.7.1]  || 18-Jul-2017  ||   [browser:ReferenceDesigns/w3_802.11?rev=6141 6141]   ||  14.4  ||  Dual MB/AXI  ||
    1212||  WARP v3  ||  [ 1.7.0]  || 16-Jun-2017  ||   [browser:ReferenceDesigns/w3_802.11?rev=6110 6110]   ||  14.4  ||  Dual MB/AXI  ||
     15'''Changes in v1.7.4:'''
     17'''PHY and MAC Hardware Changes:'''[[BR]]
     18 * Redesigned DSSS receiver in Rx PHY core
     19  * Much more robust detection and decoding of packets at mid and low SNRs
     20  * Added support for 2Mb (DQPSK) DSSS waveforms; {{{RX_DSSS}}} log entries now encode rate in MCS field ({{{MCS=0}}} for 1Mbps, {{{MCS=1}}} for 2Mbps)
     21  * Dropped support for 802.11-2016 Clause 15 waveforms (i.e. DSSS before 802.11b); all Wi-Fi devices we tested use supported Clause 16 (11b) waveforms
     22 * Redesigned Rx packet detector logic
     23  * Separated magnitude calculations for DSSS and OFDM detectors
     24  * Refined data types for correlation and energy thresholds for better configuration range across SNRs
     25 * Added registers to independently disable OFDM and DSSS receive pipelines, controlled via {{{n.enable_ofdm_rx(bool)}}} and {{{n.enable_dsss(bool)}}} wlan_exp methods
     26 * Updated delays through and around AGC DCO filter to fix sample-skipping during AGC settling
     27 * Added optional AGC mode (disabled by default) to leave RXHP disabled after a reception, re-enabled at pkt detection; default is to re-assert RXHP at RX_END
     28 * Added inputs to MAC core
     29  * {{{FORCE_CCA_BUSY}}}: holds CCA busy independent of other MAC state
     30  * {{{START_POSTRX_TIMER1}}}: starts the PostRx Timer 1, useful to time a SIFS when RX_END is inferred from logic other than the Rx PHY
     31  * {{{AUX_MAC_HW_STATUS}}}: inputs routed to MAC {{{STATUS}}} register, useful for polling non-MAC status signals in lockstep with other MAC state
     33''Python changes:'''[[BR]]
     34 * Refined type checking in many functions to be less arbitrary in requiring specific types
     35 * Added {{{n.disable_ofdm_rx()}}} method to control whether the OFDM Rx pipeline is enabled
     36 * Added {{{n.configure_ofdm_pkt_det()}}} and {{{n.configure_dsss_pkt_det()}}} methods to configure Rx packet detection thresholds
     37 * Added warnings when a node's active scan state machine is running when Python changes the node's channel or association state
     39''C code changes:'''[[BR]]
     40 * Updated defaults in {{{wlan_phy_init()}}} for redesigned DSSS Rx PHY and OFDM/DSSS packet detector params
     41 * Fixed bug in argument handling in IPC message for setting Tx power
     42 * Updated wlan_exp_ip_udp header struct definitions to properly describe 2-byte padding in transport header, not 2-byte delimiter in IP/UDP header