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    33= 802.11 Reference Design: Changelog =
     5== 1.7 Releases ==
     6'''Download Latest: []'''
     8Release Details:
     9||= Hardware =||= Release =||= Date Posted =||= SVN Rev. =||= ISE Ver. =||= Arch =||
     10||  WARP v3  ||  [ 1.8.0]  || 21-May-2019   ||   [browser:ReferenceDesigns/w3_802.11?rev=6322 6322]   ||  14.4  ||  Dual MB/AXI  ||
     13'''Changes in v1.8.0:'''
     15'''PHY and MAC Hardware Changes:'''[[BR]]
     16* Added a software interrupt core that allows code to assert bits in a register to force interrupt events. Code uses this code to handle non-empty queues in the Ethernet portal and wlan_exp
     18'''MAC Software Changes:'''[[BR]]
     19* Formalized "peripherals" which act as modules that may be used across multiple platforms if those platforms support the particular hardware they describe.
     20 * "wlan_axi_ethernet_intr" is a new peripheral that handles all Ethernet actions on the WARP v3 platform. It is used for both wired-wireless portal behaviors as well as wlan_exp communication with a host computer.
     21 * Other new peripherals include "axi_intc" and "axi_timer"
     22* Ethernet changes:
     23 * Transmissions are no longer blocking. Buffer descriptors are cleaned up on demand when new transmissions are started.
     24* Major rewrite of wlan_exp code
     25 * Significantly cleaner and easier to understand
     26 * Fixed several race conditions that could have manifested in unexpected bytes in Ethernet payloads
     27 * Previously, AXI Ethernet behaviors were hardcoded deep in the IP/UDP library. This has been turned inside out so that the IP/UDP library consumes receptions that start with the "wlan_axi_ethernet_intr" peripheral. This creates platform independence for wlan_exp.
     28 * Ethernet receptions now occur in an interrupt context since they use the same "wlan_axi_ethernet_intr" peripheral as the wired-wireless portal. To keep the impact on wireless behaviors to a minimum, wlan_exp command processing is deferred until a non-interrupt context via a new queue of commands.
     29 * Better formalized over-the-wire formats with wlan_exp host. Code is now explicit about response packets that contain 32-bit network-ordered words vs. host-ordered arbitrarily-aligned structs and log data
     30* Queueing has been significantly generalized and is no longer only meant for outgoing wireless transmissions:
     31 * Ethernet portal Tx and Rx now have their own queues managed by the MAC High Framework
     32 * wlan_exp Tx and Rx have their own queues managed by the MAC High Framework
     33 * Per-station Tx queues no longer rely on an arbitrary AID to QID mapping. Each station is dynamically given a queue when it joins a network.
     34* Fixed a bug in all high application projects where the unicast management queue was not being purged.
     36'''Python changes:'''[[BR]]
     37* Added support to specify arbitrary MTU for Ethernet interface; jumbo (9014) and non-jumbo (1514) are the defaults
     38* Renamed many node methods and arguments to improve overall clarity
     39* Restructured over-the-wire messages for Node Info, Station Info, Network Info, now based on well-specified InfoStruct definitions
     40* Re-implemented retrieval of Tx/Rx counts to extract counts from the Station Info structs returned by the node (same API, much cleaner code)
    543== 1.7 Releases ==