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    77= 802.11 Reference Design: Changelog =
     9== 0.95 Beta Release ==
     10'''COMING SOON'''
     12Release Details:
     13||= Hardware =||= Release =||= Date Posted =||= SVN Rev. =||= ISE Ver. =||= Arch =||
     14||  WARP v3  ||  0.95 Beta  || 18-July-2014  ||   [browser:ReferenceDesigns/w3_802.11?rev=XXX XXX]   ||  14.4  ||  Dual MB/AXI  ||
     16Changes in 0.95 Beta:
     17'''Hardware Changes:'''
     18 * PHY changes:
     19  * Added dedicated DSSS packet detection subsystem, using similar architecture as OFDM auto-correlation detector, tuned for 20-sample periodicity
     20  * Added more aggressive timeout for DSSS packet detections, to more quickly reject false positives
     21  * Made SIGNAL field logic for Tx and Rx max packet lengths programmable in increments of 1kB (default is 2kB)
     22  * Added minimum packet length requirement for DSSS receptions, to discard rare false "good" SIGNAL fields for tiny packets
     23 * MAC hardware changes:
     24  * Fixed bug that would cause CPU Low to process one PHY Rx twice, using the new SIGNAL rate/length but wrong packet buffer (block Rx PHY only when RX_ERROR == 0)
     25  * Separate Tx_Gain values per RF interface, routed like other Tx params through MAC core to PHY Tx and radio_controller
     26  * MAC core now captures TX_START time when PHY Tx starts, drives this to gateway out so Tx PHY can insert the accurate timestamp in beacon and probe response frames; eliminates errors from software-captured pre-deferral timestamps
     27 * Shuffled debug pin map (see [../Usage#DebugSignals design usage] page for current map)
     28 * Added support for sharing RF reference and sampling clocks between nodes via CM-MMCX modules
     30'''MAC Software Changes:'''
     31 * Updated AP and STA hex display usage (see [../Usage#LEDs design usage] page for current LED use)
     32 * STA code now updates the local MAC timestamp value to match the timestamp field in beacons received from the AP (required by the standard, also very useful for aligning log entries)
     33 * Fixed bug where mac_payload_log_len value in Tx/Rx log entries was sometimes wrong
     34 * Elevated sequence number generation to framework; now uses internal u64 value as 'uniq_seq' in log, the 12 LSB of which are used as sequence number in Tx packets. This enables much easier parsing of log files with >4096 Tx packets per node
     35 * ...more to come...
     37'''wlan_exp Framework Changes:'''
     38 * Added "forced" association commands; allows association of WARP AP with WARP STA without any wireless packet handshakes
     39 * Fixed log index generation to gracefully handle case of unknown entry type IDs in merge/include_only lists that aren't actually needed to parse a log
     40 * New command to en/disable STA timestamp updates from beacons
     41 * ...more to come...
    1043== 0.93 Beta Release ==