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    77= 802.11 Reference Design: Changelog =
     9== 0.96 Beta Release ==
     10'''Download: Available Soon!'''
     12Release Details:
     13||= Hardware =||= Release =||= Date Posted =||= SVN Rev. =||= ISE Ver. =||= Arch =||
     14||  WARP v3  ||  0.96 Beta  || 29-September-2014  ||   [browser:ReferenceDesigns/w3_802.11?rev=XXX XXX]   ||  14.4  ||  Dual MB/AXI  ||
     16Changes in 0.96 Beta:
     18'''MAC Software Changes:'''
     19 * Added a third primary software project alongside AP/STA: the Independent Basic Service Set (IBSS). This is also known as 'ad hoc'
     20 * Added support for 802.11 power save mode in the AP. Specifically, the AP will honor clients' notifications that they will go to sleep. During that time, the AP will queue traffic for them and tell them traffic is available in the traffic indication map (TIM) of beacons.
     21 * Added new CPU_LOW project: wlan_mac_low_nomac. This very simple project is an alternative to the DCF and all it does it send packets it receives from CPU_HIGH and passes all packets it receives to CPU_HIGH. This is useful for research and education applications where the complexity of the 802.11 DCF may not be needed.
     22 * Added new active scan and join state machines to STA/IBSS.
     23 * Fixed old bug in the scheduler that resulted in poor NULL handling if a scheduled callback tried to remove the schedule that called it. This is now a safe operation.
     24 * Beacon intervals are now in terms of [ Time Unit (TU)], where 1TU = 1024µs
     25 *
     26 * Formalized information about basic service sets into the bss_info part of the high framework
     27 * Added check for bug introduced in 14.7 tools identified in [ this thread].
     28 * Fixed potential dead lock in IPC write by disabling interrupts for the duration of the write
     29 * Fixed potential race condition in 'frame_transmit' of the DCF implementation
     32'''wlan_exp Framework Changes:'''
     33 * Added control for new IBSS node types
     34 * Added control over association state machines in STA/IBSS. Python can now tell WARP STA/IBSS nodes to join existing networks
     35 * Tweaked behavior of 'reset_all' command. Previously, this command did not reset a node's association state. It now resets the node fully and brings it back to the same state it was in at the time of booting. This behavior may potentially break compatibility with existing scripts if 'reset_all' ever occurred after setting up an association. In these cases, the [browser:ReferenceDesigns/w3_802.11/python/wlan_exp/ reset] command should be used instead for fine grained control over what is reset
     36 * Added verbose reporting mode to log index filter
    938== 0.95 Beta Release ==