802.11 Reference Design: TX/RX Log Example

This example of the Experiments Framework uses two WARP v3 nodes, one configured as an AP, the other as a STA. The first example, will record a log file of LTG traffic flows between the AP and STA. Then the next two examples will process that recorded log file to print interesting information about the traffic flows. This example demonstrates how to:

  • Control two WARP v3 nodes from one wlan_exp script
  • Use the wlan_exp framework Local Traffic Generator (LTG) to create traffic
  • Record an HDF5 log file from the data logged by each node
  • Use python packages to extract and process the log data

The flow of the script is:

  1. Initialize two WARP v3 nodes
  2. Ensure nodes are configured as one AP, one STA and that the STA is associated with AP
  3. Start a fully-backlogged locally generated traffic (LTG) flow from AP -> STA
  4. Wait 30 seconds
  5. Start a fully-backlogged locally generated traffic (LTG) flow from STA -> AP
  6. Wait 30 seconds
  7. Stop the locally generated traffic (LTG) flow from STA -> AP
  8. Wait 30 seconds
  9. Stop the locally generated traffic (LTG) flow from AP -> AP
  10. Read the log data from each node and write an HDF5 log file

To run this example:

  • Setup wlan_exp (see Getting Started for details)
  • Configure two WARP v3 nodes with the 802.11 Reference Design bitstream- one AP, one STA
  • Open the file in a text editor and change the NODE_SERIAL_LIST to match your serial numbers
  • Open a Python shell
  • CD to the Python_Reference/Examples directory from the expanded 802.11 Reference design archive
  • Run python

The script will run for 2 minutes, then display its results:


Source: the script is included in the 802.11 Reference Design archive at Python_Reference/examples/txrx_log/

The latest version of the script is also shown below.

Error: Macro Include(source:/ReferenceDesigns/w3_802.11/python/examples/txrx_log/ failed
No node ReferenceDesigns/w3_802.11/python/examples/txrx_log/ at revision 6325

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