802.11 Reference Design Experiments Framework: Sample Data

Many of our wlan_exp examples require log data files to demonstrate various processing techniques. We have create a number of sample data files that can be used to explore these examples.

Automatic Download

The wlan_exp package can download the latest sample data files automatically. The auto download method requires the Python requests package. To download the sample data automatically open a Python interpreter and run:

import wlan_exp.log.util_sample_data as sample_data_util

The download will proceed automatically. The script will show a progress bar for each file as it downloads.

If successful the output will be similar to:

Downloading 802.11 Reference Design sample data to local directory:

Downloading ap_two_node_two_flow_capture.hdf5 (15.70 MB)

Downloading sta_two_node_two_flow_capture.hdf5 (22.98 MB)

Downloading ap_one_node_capture.hdf5 ( 4.82 MB)

Downloading np_rx_ofdm_entries.hdf5 ( 2.69 MB)

If you do not have the requests package installed you will see this error:

ERROR: auto download requires the Python requests package!

 Please download sample data files manually from:

 Sample data files should be saved in local folder:

To resolve this error, either install requests or proceed with the manual download below.

Manual Download

Use the links below to download the sample data files. These files should be saved to the wlan_exp/log/sample_data folder in your local wlan_exp package.

To verify the correct folder for saving the sample_data files, open a Python interpreter and run:

import wlan_exp.log.util_sample_data as sample_data_util

This method will print the full path of the correct sample_data directory.

Sample Data Files

The sample data files for the latest release of the 802.11 Reference Design are listed below. Data files from previous release of the design are in the archive.

1.7.8 Release

File Size Link Description
ap_two_node_two_flow_capture.hdf5 49.2 MB Download "Dual Flow" AP (details below)
sta_two_node_two_flow_capture.hdf5 42.8 MB Download "Dual Flow" STA (details below)
ap_one_node_capture.hdf5 11.8 MB Download "One Flow" (details below)
np_rx_ofdm_entries.hdf5 4.7 MB Download "One Flow" (details below)

Dual Flow Experiment

This experiment was conducted via the script.

Please refer to the txrx_log_capture examples for analysis scripts that use these sample data files.

This experiment uses two WARP v3 nodes, one as AP, one as STA. Both nodes are controlled from a Python script. The AP node uses a local traffic generator to send fully-backlogged traffic to the STA for the full duration of the experiment. The STA also uses a fully-backlogged LTG, but only for the middle 30 seconds. This scenario allows measurement of the unidirectional throughput (AP->STA with STA is not transmitting) as well as joint throughput when both nodes are transmitting.

Experiment Summary:

  • 2 WARP v3 nodes (1 AP, 1 STA)
  • RF A of both nodes connected by coaxial cable with 50dB series attenuation
  • Experiment duration ~90 seconds
  • Fully backlogged AP -> STA traffic for 60 seconds
  • Fully backlogged STA -> AP traffic for middle 20 seconds

One Flow Experiment

Experiment Summary:

  • 1 WARP v3 node (AP)
    • ETH_A connected to internet
    • Antenna on RF A
  • 1 commercial Wi-Fi client (anonymized MAC address FE:FF:FF:00:00:00)

This experiment uses one WARP v3 node as an AP, providing internet access to a commercial Wi-Fi device. The Wi-Fi device ran a TCP speed test to a remote server in the middle of the experiment, downloading approximately 12MB of data.

The ap_one_node_capture.hdf5 file is the complete (anonymized) log file from the AP, capturing ~120 seconds of activity.

The np_rx_ofdm_entries.hdf5 file is the post-processed OFDM Rx events from the ap_one_node_capture.hdf5 file. This file is ready to be imported into MATLAB for use in the channel estimate viewer example.

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