How do I install the WARP support files?

Most projects which use the WARP hardware will be assembled and generated in Xilinx Platform Studio (XPS), part of the Embedded Developer's Kit. We provide a number of files which make it easy to create projects for the WARP hardware. These files must be installed in the directories:


The best way to get these files is to use a Subversion client. See WARP Repository Access for more information on getting & using Subversion.

Instructions for downloading the repository to your computer are available here.

The WARP Board does not appear in the list of available boards in the Base System Builder.

Make sure you have installed the board description file (.xbd) from the repository as described in the question above.

Once installed, the preferences in EDK must contain this location. Navigate to Edit->Preferences in EDK and the Application Preferences section, make sure the Global Repository is set as C:/WARP_Repository. If you have tried to do so a couple of times but this does not stick, make sure you have sufficient write privileges on the computer.

As a check, the XBDs must be located in:


Refer to the question above if this folder is missing or empty.

How do I install custom peripherals from the repository?

Make sure you have installed the custom WARP peripherals from the repository. The instruction to install the complete repository are described in the question above.

As a check, the peripherals must be located in:


Refer to the question above if these folders are missing or empty.

I'm trying to run an Ethernet demo. I get no response when I attempt to ping the board, despite everything else working, generating and downloading properly.

This is most likely due to the speed of the the PLB clock in your design. The 10/100 Ethernet core requires a bus clock running at least 65 MHz in order to establish a 100 Mb Ethernet link. There are two solutions:

  • Connect your WARP board to a 10 Mb Ethernet connection
  • Re-run Base System Builder and select a bus clock frequency of at least 65 MHz.

The compiler throws errors for undefined functions when I try to use Xilkernel or LWIP.

The problem may be more general and not just limited to Xilkernel or LWIP, but rather any libraries you've included in the software platform settings menu. The common problem is that the library paths have not been added to the compiler configuration menu. The fix is as follows:

  1. Go to Applications Tab -> Expand Project View -> Right-click on "Compiler Options" and click "Set Compiler Options..."
  2. Go to "Paths" Tab and then in the "Libraries to Link against(-l)" box, make sure this field contains a value like:
       xilkernel lwip4

You only need to list the libraries your code requires.

During Bitstream generation in XPS, the process gets stuck at "Using Options File: xflow.opt" in the output display.

This occurs when the user has insufficient read/write privelages on the computer. Be sure the currently logged in user as full read/write permissions on the XPS project's folder.

When using Xilkernel, I can't get the initial pthread to launch.

If the project compiles correctly and the Xilkernel initialization prints appear, yet the initial pthread does not start after, the solution is to generate a new Linker Script (in XPS, Software -> Generate Linker Script). Everything should be placed on the iocm_cntlr or the docm_cntlr memory-types (in the drop downs, you should never see BOTH iocm & docm memory types as an option, so just pick which of the two exists).

When trying to "Generate Libraries and BSPs," I get a read/write error for a particular driver.

It's important that the user has full read/write permissions and access to their own project folders, the Xilinx install, and the EDK install.

I've included the WARP SysACE libraries in my project, but I get errors about functions not being able to be found!

Using the WARP SysACE library, requires 4 additional libraries to be added:

  • warplib.h
  • xsysace.h
  • xsysace_l.h
  • sysace_stdio.h

The only library that must be added manually is warplib. The xsys libraries should work as long as you have instantiated a SystemACE controller peripheral in your project. The last library, however, requires an additional modification to the MSS file. This change can be automatically generated by accessing "software platform settings" under the "software" drop-down in XPS. It's important to enable the directory support, otherwise the warpsysace library cannot function correctly:

When attempting to implement xilkernel, I get many compilation errors pertaining to lower level xilkernel functions during the BSP build.

First, make sure "xmk.h" is the FIRST library listed in all of your project's C files. Secondarily, open Software -> Software Platform Settings...-> OS and libraries, and make sure that the support is TRUE/enabled for the category a xilkernel-based function-call falls under.

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