WARP FPGA Board Xilinx Board Description

The Xilinx Embedded Development Kit uses Xilinx Board Description (XBD) files to describe the hardware and peripheral resources provided by custom FPGA systems. These XBD files are available to download from the WARP repository. In order for EDK to recognize the WARP Boards in Base System Builder, the XBDs must be installed in the EDK's search path. The recommended installation method is described here.

And finally in EDK, browse to Edit->Preferences and in the Application Preferences section add C:\WARP_Repository. However if you download just the XBDs, all the custom WARP cores will not be available to use. For the complete repository follow the instruction here.

These instructions are also described in this entry of the WARP FAQ.

As you can see, there are two XBDs that are available. The first enables (without the LogicClkBoard) enables the use of just the FPGA Board, its I/O etc. The second includes additional custom cores that control the Clock Board, Radio Boards, Analog Boards etc.

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