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Note: This user guide is a work in progress. We're still writing and organizing all the documentation and reference designs. Let us know if you have any questions (preferably via the forums).

Getting Started with WARP v3

This "getting started" guide is intended as a resource for new users of WARP v3. The idea of this guide is to present the initial steps in order to get "up and running" with the hardware and to minimize the amount of time it takes a new user to start doing their own interesting research on the platform. This guide is broken up into four pieces. We highly recommend new users read all of them.

  1. Getting to Know the Hardware - First, we provide documentation on the hardware itself. We describe the steps that must be taken to take care of the hardware as well as advice on modifying the hardware (for example, by adding or removing an FMC module).
  2. Recommended Tools and Equipment - Next, we provide a list of tools needed to program WARP and a recommendation on extra equipment that we use regularly in our own use of WARP.
  3. What Do You Want to Do?? - Next, we point the user to some initial exercises using WARP. Recognizing that many researchers use WARP differently from one another, we recommend different starting exercises depending on what you want to do with the platform.
  4. Additional Resources - Finally, we provide some extra resources and reference material for users as they begin their own research on WARP.