WARP User I/O Board | LEDs & Buzzer

The user I/O board provides 8 discrete LEDs and a piezo buzzer.


There are 8 red LEDs arranged in a circle. Each LED is tied to a dedicated FPGA pin. When the FPGA drives a logic 1, the corresponding LED illuminates. The figure below shows the orientation of the LEDs.

The pinout information for each button is listed below. The FPGA pins listed here correspond to WARP FPGA Board v1.2.

LEDs - Pinout

LED Header Pin Slot 1 Pin Slot 2 Pin Slot 3 Pin Slot 4 Pin
0 47 P10 AC10 AK36 T38
1 48 P8 AB8 AL37 R35
2 49 P1 AB7 AJ33 R34
3 50 P2 AF4 AJ35 T36
4 52 N5 AC9 AL35 U38
5 53 M3 AD6 AF32 R29
6 54 N6 AC8 AJ32 U35
7 55 L6 AD7 AE32 T37


The buzzer is a Soberton GT-0930RP2 (datasheet). The buzzer has one control pin, tied to an FPGA output through a simple transistor circuit. The buzzer will only operate when the FPGA drives a logic 1 and a shunt is mounted on J4 (see image below). The pitch and volume can be controlled by modulating the frequency and duty cycle of the digital output driving the buzzer.

LEDs - Pinout

Header Pin Slot 1 Pin Slot 2 Pin Slot 3 Pin Slot 4 Pin
117 P3 Al2 AD34 P39
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