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WARP Radio Built in Self Test (BIST)


The BIST is based on an XPS System Generator model that creates sinusoids, transmits then receives them and processes the received version through an fft. The code in Platform Studio varies the frequencies of the sinusoids and sweeps through the resulting output fft, looking for the location of the highest peak. If the peak is located where we would expect for corresponding phase increments, the radio checks out as correctly running a basic transmit and receive. When initializing the radio in Platform Studio, WARP Radio Library commands were used to put the radio into loopback mode. Loopback mode short circuits the transmit and receive together such that the radio can then receive its own transmissions.


  • DC Offset: Outputs the correct DC offset for your radio.
  • Basic Transmit and Receive : This tests for the successful transmission of a range of frequencies through the radio.

Necessary programs:

  • Xilinx Impact, Xilinx Platform Studio, or Chipscope
  • Tera Term

Necessary files:

  • WARP BIST download.bit


  • The BIST is programmed to test a radio daughtercard placed in the second slot of the WARP board.
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