WARPLab 7.3.0 FPGA Architecture for WARP v3 Hardware

The WARPLab 7.3.0 design for WARP v3 makes changes to the underlying FPGA architecture in order to improve performance for Read / Write IQ. This includes:

  • Updates to the WARPLab Buffers core to move the Read / Write IQ memories out to the AXI interconnect
  • Updates to the AXI Interconnect to allow DMA access to all the WARPLab Buffers

Interconnect Architecture

Address Map

Please review the XPS project for the latest information.

Microblaze Address Map

NOTE: All Address not explicitly defined are reserved.

IP Instance Base Address High Address Size
DLMB 0x0000_0000 0x0001_FFFF 128K
ILMB 0x0000_0000 0x0001_FFFF 128K
Debug 0x4000_0000 0x4000_FFFF 64K
AXI GPIO 0x4010_0000 0x4010_FFFF 64K
AXI Timer 0x4080_0000 0x4080_FFFF 64K
USB UART 0x4100_0000 0x4100_FFFF 64K
AXI SYSMON ADC 0x4180_0000 0x4180_FFFF 64K
W3 I2C EEPROM On Board 0x4200_0000 0x4200_FFFF 64K
W3 I2C EEPROM FMC 0x4201_0000 0x4201_FFFF 64K
W3 Clock Controller 0x5000_0000 0x5000_FFFF 64K
W3 User IO 0x5100_0000 0x5100_FFFF 64K
WARPLab AGC 0x5180_0000 0x5180_FFFF 64K
Radio Controller 0x5200_0000 0x5200_FFFF 64K
W3 AD Controller 0x5280_0000 0x5280_FFFF 64K
WARPLab Trigger Proc 0x5300_0000 0x5300_FFFF 64K
ETH A MAC 0x7000_0000 0x7003_FFFF 256K
ETH B MAC 0x7010_0000 0x7013_FFFF 256K
AXI DMA (ETH A) 0x7020_0000 0x7020_FFFF 64K
Ethernet FIFO (ETH B) 0x7030_0000 0x7030_FFFF 64K
CDMA 0x7200_0000 0x7200_FFFF 64K
WARPLab Buffers 0x7800_0000 0x783F_FFFF 4M
BRAM 0x8000_0000 0x8001_FFFF 128K
RFA RX CTL 0x8100_0000 0x8101_FFFF 128K
RFA TX CTL 0x8104_0000 0x8105_FFFF 128K
RFB RX CTL 0x8108_0000 0x8109_FFFF 128K
RFB TX CTL 0x810C_0000 0x810D_FFFF 128K
RFC RX CTL 0x8110_0000 0x8111_FFFF 128K
RFC TX CTL 0x8114_0000 0x8115_FFFF 128K
RFD RX CTL 0x8118_0000 0x8119_FFFF 128K
RFD TX CTL 0x811C_0000 0x811D_FFFF 128K
DDR 0xC000_0000 0xFFFF_FFFF 1G
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