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UDP Transport Module Implementations

The WARPLab Reference Design implements a Transport module that handles communication between WARP boards with UDP Ethernet traffic.

Related Components:

Transport Commands Technical Reference

Transport commands are selected as string inputs to the wl_transportCmd method in wl_node.m. These strings are each individual cases of the switch statement in procCmd method of wl_transport_eth_udp_java.m or wl_transport_eth_udp_pnet.m.


MATLAB allows two valid forms of syntax for calling methods

  • Let N be a scalar or vector of wl_node objects
  • Let command_string be a string containing a particular command
  • Let arg be an argument for that command (optional)

Syntax 1: wl_transportCmd(N, command_string, arg1, arg2, ..., argN)

Syntax 2: N.wl_transportCmd(command_string, arg1, arg2, ..., argN)

These two different forms of syntax are identical and either may be used for issuing commands to WARP nodes.

Command List and Documentation


Test to make sure node can be accessed via this

Arguments: none

Returns: true if board responds; raises error otherwise


Determine's objects maxPayload parameter

Arguments: none

Returns: none