WARP Repository Access

We use Subversion for version control of the WARP repository.

The easiest way to access the WARP repository is to simply browse it via this site.

For direct access to our Subversion server, you will need a Subversion client. The command-line Subversion client is installed in OS X 10.5 by default; installation pages for older versions of OS X are available here. TortoiseSVN is an excellent GUI client for Windows.

The repository's base URL is:

Anonymous users have checkout permissions for the entire repository. An account is required to commit changes.

Please remember that nearly everything in the WARP repository is covered by the WARP open-access license. For code contributed by others, the please look for copyright/license notices included with the code. Please be sure you understand the applicable licenses and agree to abide by their terms before using any of our code.

If you have any questions, please post in the public WARP forms.

Instructions on how to download the repository and setup the tools are available here.

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