Good Documentation

  • "oslib_rm.pdf" available in your EDK installation path under <EDK>\doc -- contains all the necessary information on FAT functionality for the SystemACE controller
  • - a hard to find article that goes in great depth about SystemACE reconfiguration
  • sysace driver API docs linked in <EDK>\doc\xilinx_drivers_api_toc.htm

Reference Designs

Reconfiguration Examples

WARP Compact Flash Software Reconfiguration Reference Design - Contains all the necessary files for building and running a simple example from any step of the design process. The contents may also be used to test hardware reconfiguration. What is included:

  • 2 Project Directories
    • Has the C-code, UCF, MSS, and MHS files for building the example XPS projects. The download.bit files are also included.
  • SystemACE Collection Directory. This can be copied directly to a properly formatted Compact Flash, and the example should run right away (note: must be WARP v. 1.1)
  • The required WARP libraries:
    • warpsysace
    • warplib

FAT File System Examples


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