Developing systems that incorporate SystemACE functionality on WARP is easy. This short document will teach the user several items of interest:

  1. Formatting and loading systems on a flash card
  2. Reconfiguring a system on flash via hardware
  3. Reconfiguring a system on flash via software
  4. Implementing a FAT file system

Required Hardware

  • CF-read device for PC
  • CompactFlash card (1GB maximum)
  • WARP FPGA board

Required Software

  • iMPACT (Xilinx ISE accessory application)
  • XPS
  • mkdosfs (free, available @
  • Succesfully generated WARP XPS projects
    • Any project will work for hardware reconfiguration. UPDATE: The sysace controller can load any system off of a CF without the systemACE peripheral included. To switch to another system, however, without the controller and lock function called, may require the power+cycling of the board.
    • Software-based reconfiguration projects must contain the SysACE controller peripheral available through BSB (has been included in the WARP XBD file)

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