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#1 2007-Jun-26 13:19:15

From: Vienna, VA
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RxHP control

By reading Maxim's documentation, it is my understanding that we should change RxHP sometime after AGC settles. However, by studying your reference design V03, i noticed that the 'user_RxHP_external' port is not connected. I would like to know whether in your AGC poce you actually switch RxHP from high to low?



#2 2007-Jun-26 14:14:53

From: Mango Communications
Registered: 2006-Jul-03
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Re: RxHP control

The reference design connects the AGC's rxhp control outputs directly to the radio controller's 'radioN_RxHP_external' ports. This is a holdover from the 1.07 core radio bridge, which didn't have the 'user_RxHP_external' port. The new radio_bridge passes this directly to the controller, so the configurations are electrically equivalent.



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