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#1 2007-Aug-31 12:39:03

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Synthesis Settings used by Sysgen

We need to change synthesis settings used by Warp OPB Export compilation target in order to meet our design challanges:

1) How Sysgen takes the settings for the synthesis tools selected?

2) When I choose a compilation target in System Generator token, scripts and option files are generated and used to synthesize the models. There're default option files used in target compilation? Where are they? How are they generated?

3) We need to modify the settings in the options files (by probably modifying the default files used in target compilation). How can we do that? (without actually manually running scripts on the modified option files, but from the System Generator token)




#2 2007-Aug-31 13:49:54

From: Mango Communications
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Re: Synthesis Settings used by Sysgen

The WARP OPB Export compilation target doesn't synthesize the core. Its output is a VHDL wrapper of the standard Sysgen HDL compilation target output, plus some EDK-specific pcore description files (MPD, PAO, BBD). All of the synthesis and other implementation processes are executed from within the EDK.

We have very little experience modifying the options the EDK passes to xst/ngdbuild/par. It should be possible to customize the flow, but the Xilinx documentation is your best bet (the Embedded Systems Tools Guide for example).



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