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#1 2015-Feb-11 12:13:19

From: Mango Communications
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WARPLab 7.5 available for WARP v3

We're happy to announce version 7.5 of the WARPLab Reference Design for WARP v3 hardware. See the WARPLab downloads page for the design archive.

The main new feature is support for significantly longer Tx/Rx waveforms, using the 2GB DRAM on WARP v3 for sample storage. The reference design now supports Tx and Rx waveforms of more than 100 million samples, vs 32k samples in WARPLab 7.4. See the user guide for details.

Supporting sample storage in DRAM required a complete re-architecting of the AXI interconnects in the WARPLab hardware design. The new design makes extensive use of DMAs and wide AXI busses to ensure Tx and Rx processing with no over/underruns, even when 4 RF interfaces are running simultaneously. See the user guide for details on the new WARPLab 7.5 FPGA architecture for WARP v3.

The WARPLab 7.5 Reference Design includes a new spectrogram example that utilizes the very long Rx waveform capabilities to capture and display detailed multi-second medium activity across 40MHz bandwidth.

Important Note for CM-MMCX Users: the WARPLab 7.5 Reference Design uses a new version of the w3_clock_controller core which changes the meaning of the switches on the clock module. Refer to the WARPLab for WARP v3 page for details on the new switch settings.

Please refer to the WARPLab 7.5 release notes for other important notes about this release.

We also extend our thanks to Matthias Schulz at TU Darmstadt for sharing results from his early exploration of a DRAM-enabled WARPLab design. The success of this approach in his application provided the impetus for re-designing the WARPLab FPGA architecture to support DRAM-backed sample buffers for all RF interfaces in the official reference design.



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