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#1 2015-Jun-24 04:48:52

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some problems about WARP V3


There are some problems about my WARP v3 board. When I program one project(such as Mango_802.11_RefDes_v1.3.0) to WARP V3 board by SDK, I put my board worked as an AP ,however it doesn's normal work .

Problem are list as follows:
1.in the Radio Interface A, when in the normal condition,There is  only one LED light,while my board both LEDs light(R1:red,R2:yellow);
2.I can't find the SSID"WARP-AP" by my phone when i open the WLAN.
3.From the part User I/O,there are four DIP switchs, i put the right-most dip switch to "up" to make UART output is driven by CPU_HIGH. the information obtained through UART is that waiting on CUP_LOW to boot! The screen output this statement circularly.
4.when i put  the right-most dip switch to "down", the information obtained through UART is that
Note: this UART is currently printing from CPU_LOW. To view prints from and interact with CPU_HIGH,raise the right-most User I/ODIP switch bit.
AD Readback:0x0000002B
Radios didn't lock! RC stat reg:0x00001810
w3_node_init:Error in radioController_initialize (-1)
Error in w3_node_init()! Exiting

Could you tell me the reason about this ? It has not been dropped.
I am looking forward to your reply,thank you.



#2 2015-Jun-24 08:25:47

From: Mango Communications
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Re: some problems about WARP V3

From the description, it looks like there is a HW issue with your RFA port.  Please contact Mango (support[at]mangocomm.com) for assistance.



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