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#1 2016-Jun-28 11:18:57

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error in test for SSID match in handling probe requests

This test in wlan_mac_ap.c line 1659 is in the case for processing received Probe Requests. It checks for an SSID match.

if((active_bss_info != NULL) && ((mac_payload_ptr_u8[1]==0) || (memcmp(mac_payload_ptr_u8+2, (u8*)active_bss_info->ssid, mac_payload_ptr_u8[1])==0))) {

It looks to me like the test will succeed for the case in which the SSID in the Probe Request is a prefix of the SSID of the AP, for example, ABCDEFG in the ProbeRequest will match ABCDEFGXXXXXXX in the  bss_info_t, which is clearly not the desired behavior.

The fix would be to include a test for equal lengths as well.

I haven't tested this but figured I'd see if anyone else had run into this.



#2 2016-Jun-29 10:31:15

From: Mango Communications
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Re: error in test for SSID match in handling probe requests

Yep, clearly a bug. Good catch- thanks for pointing it out. We'll fix it in v1.5.2 by checking for equal lengths before the memcmp. I just committed a (not-yet-tested) fix.



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