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1. In w3_warplab_buffers/Rx Control, what is purpose of "Rx Addr Counter" and "RX_COUNTER_WRITE_ADDR"?

The Rx Addr Counter tracks the number of samples that have been received and written to DRAM in the current Rx event. The RX_COUNTER_WRITE_ADDR block is a Simulink Goto block used to route a signal to multiple sinks without discrete wires.

2. In w3_warplab_buffers/Rx Control, there is "RX_LENGTH" and this determine "RX_RUNNING". Is this maximum rx length? What is the funciton of this parameter?

RX_LENGTH is a register written by the C code that sets the number of samples to capture in the current Rx event. RX_RUNNING is a status flag that asserts when an Rx event begins and de-asserts when the Rx event completes.



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