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#1 2017-Nov-25 10:47:53

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Nodes initialization Error

I am running the throughput_two_nodes.py while using a PC, two WARP kits and a switch (as the example guides).

The code usually runs fine but I keep getting into a seemingly transport layer error.

"Failed to receive UDP packet....
Node is not responding...."

After waiting for a while (a few minutes) and running the code again, it works.
This is surprising.
Every time I see this error, I check the PC-nodes-switch connection and also use the blink_node_leds.py to ensure proper connection.

Do you know why am I getting this error? And how to resolve it?



#2 2017-Nov-25 22:32:28

From: Mango Communications
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Re: Nodes initialization Error

I'm not sure what the issue is. A few things to check:
-Replace the Ethernet cables - a flaky cable might show a "good" link but would degrade the signal enough to corrupt packets
-Check the CPU High UART for the nodes - does wlan_exp report any issues when the link fails?
-Use Wireshark to monitor Ethernet traffic at the PC and observe what packets are being transmitted and received when the node stops responding. By default wlan_exp communicates on UDP ports 9500 and 9750.



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