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#1 2018-Apr-22 08:38:15

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Some questions about Local Traffic Generator


Official website about the 802.11 reference design shows that the ltg_event() function in the wlan_mac_ibss.c file gets called periodically to enqueue a new packet whose payload is created in that context. And the code comments about the handle_tx_pkt_buf_ready() function in wlan_mac_dcf.c file says that it saves the packet buffer index into one of two global dl_list_structs based upon the pkt_buf_group_t in the tx_frame_info_t for that packet buffer when a message for a Tx packet buffer is sent from CPU_HIGH. My understanding of this is that the ltg_event() function will periodically and constantly generate packets and once a new packet is generated, the packet buffer index of the packet will be saved into one of two global dl_list structs by the handle_tx_pkt_buf_ready() function. Do I understand it right?

If what I understand is right, whether can I use the the frame_transmit_general() function in wlan_mac_dcf.c file to send the packet generated as describe above at any time?

If that's not the case, can you tell me give me a detailed explanation of how the packet generated by ltg_event function is passed to the frame_transmit_general function? I want to realize that send a arbitrary message to a specific device using the IBSS application in the 802.11 reference design. I hope that you can explain this to me or give me some advice or learning materials about the usage methods about these function. The explanation about Local Traffic Generator on the official website is not enough

Thank you very much!
Dong Chen

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#2 2018-Apr-23 10:10:34

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Re: Some questions about Local Traffic Generator

Please do not create duplicate threads whose topics overlap. See the responses in your original thread.



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