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#1 2018-Apr-22 09:20:23

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The 802.11 reference design program went wrong when it was compiled.


The 802.11 reference design program downloaded from the official website went wrong when it was compiled. And I I haven't changed anything.

The error is shown as follows:
The codes showed wrong is as follows. They are in the wlan_mac_high_display_mallinfo() function in the wlan_mac_high.c file of wlan_mac_high_ap project, wlan_mac_high_ibss project and wlan_mac_high_sta project.
void wlan_mac_high_display_mallinfo(){
    struct mallinfo mi;
    mi = mallinfo();
The reason for the error shown in the program is that : Multiple markers at this line
                                                                            - unused variable 'mi' [-Wunused-
                                                                                 - storage size of 'mi' isn't known

Can you tell me the solution?

Thank you vety much!
Dong Chen



#2 2018-Apr-23 09:00:17

From: Mango Communications
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Re: The 802.11 reference design program went wrong when it was compiled.

We've never seen this error.

Are you using SDK 14.4? This is the only version of the SDK we have tested for the WARP v3 design.

Did you follow all the steps in the SDK workspace guide (including the local repository setting)?

Does the BSP projects show any compilation errors? You can check in the SDK "Console" tab after clicking on a BSP project, or check the BSP's "libgen.log" file.



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