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#1 2018-May-01 02:00:16

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WARPLab v3 TX power

I have one question.
It is a simple question, but I have to ask you to answer because it should not be wrong to fill in the public data.
If there is a command such as 'wl_interfaceCmd(node_tx, TX_RF_ALL, 'tx_gains', 1, 10)' in 'WARPLab v3', what is the actual transmitted signal strength in terms of dBm?
I will be very grateful if you help me.




#2 2018-May-01 09:01:22

From: Mango Communications
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Re: WARPLab v3 TX power

In general, that question can't be answered because WARPLab lets you specify your own baseband waveform. The output power for a given gain depends on that waveform. That's why WARPLab uses the abstract "Tx gain" parameter whereas the 802.11 Reference Design lets you specify a Tx power in dBm. For the 802.11 Reference Design, the waveform is known up front.

You'll have to use test equipment to measure the Tx power for whatever waveform you choose. I'm personally a huge fan of the RSA306B, but any spectrum analyzer will work.



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