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#1 2018-Jun-05 08:57:22

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Debug for Power PC code

Hi sir,

I am working on a project that requires customized PowerPC code at Warp. I am looking for a good way to debug. Since the power PC code works in warps node, the error message should not show up in the console of my laptop, if I directly print the debug message. So I am wondering whether there is any good method for doing this?




#2 2018-Jun-05 09:44:54

From: Mango Communications
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Re: Debug for Power PC code

Any prints you make in your code will be sent over the board's UART. You can connect the UART to a PC and use a terminal application to see the prints.

The Xilinx SDK also offers an interactive debugger you can use to set breakpoints, step through lines of code, etc. However, since you mentioned PowerPC, I assume this means you are using either WARP v1 or v2. I'm unsure of how usable the SDK is back in the ISE 10 tools that you are locked into. You'll have to investigate it and see.



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