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#1 2018-Jun-07 23:54:27

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CM-PLL CLOCK Synchronization

Hello ,

  As the earlier CM-MMCX module has been now replaced by a new module CM-PLL, its mentioned that it can be used with WARP v3 boards but if i have one board as WARP v3(latest one) and the second board as WARP v2 ,can CM-PLL be used to synchronize the clock .



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#2 2018-Jun-12 09:40:28

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Re: CM-PLL CLOCK Synchronization

It is possible to use a WARP v2 Clock Board as the frequency reference for a WARP v3 + CM-PLL node. The CM-PLL expects a 10MHz reference clock by default.

The WARP v2 Clock Board outputs a 20MHz and 40MHz clock. You must either modify the design on WARP v2 to configure the Clock Board to output a 10MHz clock, or update the WARP v3 CM-PLL clock configuration to add an 8x divider to the reference input. Refer to the w3_clock_controller Custom Configurations docs for info on modifying the CM-PLL settings at boot.



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