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#1 2018-Jun-26 04:33:37

Bobbili Vinitha
Registered: 2018-Jun-26
Posts: 34

full duplex using warp

Is the signal generated from warp v3 board is OFDM signal? If yes ,then how the board generating  OFDM signal??? What is the use of FPGA on warp v3 board??? what exactly programmed on fpga???



#2 2018-Jun-26 09:56:04

From: Mango Communications
Registered: 2006-Jul-03
Posts: 5055

Re: full duplex using warp

The WARP v3 FPGA can be configured with whatever design you want.

Our WRAPLab Reference Design is a good place to start. WARPLab includes a sample script which implements a basic OFDM transceiver in M code.

Our 802.11 Reference Design is another example. This design implements a real-time 802.11 MAC/PHY in the FPGA. The 802.11 PHY includes an OFDM transceiver.



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