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#1 2019-Dec-13 05:44:37

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Regarding printing message in Terminal Simulator

"xil_printf" is responsible for printing the message in Terminal Simulator.

Two observations that I have noted here:

1) The above function is working properly in "w3_example" project but unable to work correctly when it is being invoked in "wlan_high_mac_ap" project.

2) At the time of debugging the C-code, When I am stepping into the "xil_printf" function, the debugger this throwing some error   like "can't find a source file at /wrk/ptx/users/nagaraju/GCC_2013_03/newlib/libgloss/microblaze/xil_printf.c"

So, how to remove those above discrepancies?

I think that the second reason is one of the reason because of which in Putty Terminal the unreadable characters are coming.



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