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#1 2007-Apr-09 10:41:01

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connections for radio bridge..

I have a peripheral (transmitter) whose outputs i need to connect to the radio bridge. I am trying to make sure if I got the connections right.

In the radio_bridge_slot_1 there are ports user_DAC_I and user_DAC_Q to which I connect nets txmem3_opbw_0_out_I and txmem3_opbw_0_out_Q. These nets I connect to the output ports of my transmitter. ie. txmem3_opbw_0 has ports out_real and out_imag to which I connect txmem3_opbw_0_out_I and txmem3_opbw_0_out_Q.

Is this right? Is there anything else I might be missing?



#2 2007-Apr-09 11:18:55

From: Mango Communications
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Re: connections for radio bridge..

That's right- the bridge is designed to require custom connections to just the user_* ports. Everything else is handled automatically (if you use Base System Builder).

One note of caution- the port sizes on the radio_bridge are fixed to match the signal widths going to the radio board itself. Your core must provide signals of the correct dimension (i.e. 16-bits for DACs, 14-bits for ADCs, etc.). The port sizes are visibile in the Ports System Assembly View in XPS, or in the core's MPD file.



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