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#1 2007-Jun-06 13:27:46

From: Vienna, VA
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How to select old Rice IP core version?

I suspect that the radio_controller v1.08a and radio_bridge v1.08a cannot work on the WARP board/radio card We are currently use. So I try to switch to the old version, which is v1.07a. However, by using base system build wizard and selecting WARP as the vendor, the created new project selects v1.08a as the default version.

Is there any easy short cut that I can use the old version without manually connecting all the ports? I know I can delete the two instance and add the old versions, but i have to connect all ports manually.

I tried to download the old revision of EDK_user_respository from your SVN server. I think it is version 530, which is right before updating the aforementioned two pcores. However, it seems prohibited.

Thank you very much.



#2 2007-Jun-06 14:18:12

From: Mango Communications
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Re: How to select old Rice IP core version?

The WARP FPGA Board's XBD file is set to use the latest verion of each core in the local EDK repository. You can force it to use older versions of peripherals by constructing a repository with the versions you want.

To use the 1.07 cores, for example, just delete the 1.08 cores from your EDK_user_repository. You will also need to revert to an older version of the XBD file so that BSB doesn't attempt to connect some new ports present in the 1.08 cores. I think revision 545 of the XBD should work with the 1.07 cores.



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