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#1 2015-Jun-09 00:17:53

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Problem in Radio Controller


   When I try to program the WARP v3 board with WARPLab reference design in terminal I get the following error

WARPLab v7.5.1 (compiled Jun  9 2015 10:48:44)
Configured for 2 RF Interfaces - Using WARP v3 on-board RF interfaces
No clock module detected - selecting on-board clocks
NODE: W3-a-00548 using Node ID: 1
DRAM SODIMM detected ...
  Contents not cleared
Radios didn't lock! RC stat reg: 0x00001810
IFC: ERROR (wl_interface.c:337): Radio controller initialization failed with status: -1
NODE: ERROR (wl_node.c:250): Interface initialization error! Exiting...
NODE: ERROR (wl_node.c:379): Error in global_initialize()! Exiting...
both the LED of RF A is continuously blinking and LED display have the value E2.All other board working fine.

what is this error ,is it some damage of the Radio controller.


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#2 2015-Jun-09 08:56:59

From: Mango Communications
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Re: Problem in Radio Controller

That error indicates the MAX2829 PLL did not lock, possibly due to damage to the chip or a hardware fault. Please follow up with support[at]mangocomm.com for assistance.



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