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#1 2016-Apr-26 12:24:07

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ACK creation for event log


Regarding the creation of ACK frames in the event log here.

I believe ACK frames are also required/generated for most management frames, auth assoc etc. Therefore are you able to add something like this in to future releases?
|| (rx_80211_header->frame_control_1 == MAC_FRAME_CTRL1_SUBTYPE_ASSOC_RESP)

If I understand the standard correctly even individually addressed probe requests should be followed by an ACK. Same applied to disassoc etc. but obviously not beacons.

The only reason I noticed is that I am counting packets between nodes (via the event log (which is brilliant)) and they're not adding up.



#2 2016-Apr-26 15:20:27

From: Mango Communications
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Re: ACK creation for event log

Thanks for letting us know! You are totally right. This entire if() clause was unnecessary. If you've gotten to that point in the code then you know that the reception resulted in a control packet transmission as a response. This response must have been an ACK regardless of packet type. The only other control response is a CTS and we dealt with that case explicitly earlier. We have removed the if() in the latest version.

We just packaged up this change along with a couple other minor software bug fixes into a 1.5.1 release. Thanks again!



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