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#1 2016-Jun-28 09:53:23

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802.11 ref design on 550T FPGA (w3)

If we want to purchase a w3 broads with higher performance FPGA like 550T, can we directly run 802.11 ref design on it?
If not, what kind of modifications should we make?
Thank you.



#2 2016-Jun-28 10:11:17

From: Mango Communications
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Re: 802.11 ref design on 550T FPGA (w3)

We do not offer WARP v3 boards with different FPGAs as a standard product. We could special order these, though at substantial expense, I'm afraid; small quantities of large FPGAs are *really* expensive. The WARP v3 PCB uses the FF1156 footprint, compatible with the V6 LX240T, LX365T, SX315T and SX475T (see V6 family product table). The LX550T device is not available in the FF1156 package.

Re-targeting an XPS design to a larger FPGA in the same family is straightforward. The target device is specified in the XPS project file (system.xmp). It should be possible to change the target device there and rebuild the hardware project. The pcores with blackbox netlists (like the PHY cores) should work without re-generating them from Coregen/Sysgen, given the near-identical architectures of the various V6 devices.



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