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#1 2017-Jan-13 13:39:40

From: Mango Communications
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802.11 Reference Design v1.6 Released!

Hi all,

We just released the latest version of the 802.11 Reference Design, v1.6. You can download it here.


* Re-designed LTS correlation decision logic. This helps reject false positive correlation events at low SNR and for waveforms from multi-antenna devices using CDD for SISO waveforms.
* Implemented proper DTIM Multicast behavior. The DCF now buffers multicast transmissions until immediately after the transmission of a beacon. This DTIM buffering behavior, described in 802.11-2012, permits dozing clients to wake at the right time to receive all buffered multicast frames. The updated behavior should improve performance when using our AP with battery-powered clients.
* Updated handling of Tx Done events in CPU Low and CPU High. Now CPU Low sends a new TX_PHY_REPORT message after each PHY transmission for a given MPDU. After the last transmission CPU Low sends an MPDU_DONE message. This allows an arbitrary number of re-transmissions to be properly logged in CPU High without overflowing the IPC mailbox.

See the full changelog here. As usual, please use these forums if you have any questions about the release. Thanks!




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