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#1 2017-Jun-09 10:49:19

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Rx Stuck After Ref Design Modification


I added a fifo at the output of wlan_phy_tx_pmd and then I provided the outputs of the fifo to wlan_phy_rx_pmd in order to make a loopback. I did not touch the rest of the reference design. I generated the cores, connected them in XPS and then compiled. As an application, I use the AP application on the board. But when I configure the FPGA, putty gives me the following error for mac low just after configuration finishes:


Stuck in wlan_mac_hw_rx_finish!
 MAC HW Status: 0x000E0620
 Rx Hdr Params: 0x19000092
 Rx PHY Status: 0x00000010

Could you help me on this problem please



#2 2017-Jun-09 10:59:14

From: Mango Communications
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Re: Rx Stuck After Ref Design Modification

By default the 802.11 Ref Design does not implement simultaneous Tx and Rx. The MAC core and code are designed to enforce half-duplex use of the PHY cores and RF interface. This is inherent to the 802.11 DCF MAC design - Tx or Rx activity indicates a busy medium, so Tx and Rx at the same time doesn't make sense.

You can modify the 802.11 ref design to implement simultaneous Tx and Rx. We provide an FDD NoMAC app note that demonstrates how to modify the MAC frameworks and the NoMAC application to use both PHY cores at the same time on different RF interfaces. You will need to implement something similar if you want to connect the Tx and Rx PHY cores together.



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