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#1 2018-Jan-11 05:54:46

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WARPV3 ,issues with Pcore Generation Simple Streaming Reference Design


I am having a Warp V3 board ,Xilinx 14.5V & MATLAB 2015a.I have tested the available Mango designs for Getting Started with System Generator for generating Pcore ,which was successfully working.

Now Actually i want to create my own PHY design,So i thought of testing the Simple Streaming Reference design (http://warpproject.org/trac/wiki/Simple … enceDesign) and modify it later.As I opened the Simulink model for same in MATLAB 2015 and tried to generate Pcore for Same,It gave many errors ,some of which we tried to fix,but Still some are there.

These are all i guess block errors & Some design errors.

Could someone let me know what is the workflow for generating pcores  for SimpleStreamingReferenceDesign (and other mango designs too ) in simulink MATLAB 2015 as these designs are created using earlier versions of MATLAB & Simulink.



#2 2018-Jan-11 09:37:09

From: Mango Communications
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Re: WARPV3 ,issues with Pcore Generation Simple Streaming Reference Design

We suggest using MATLAB 2011a or 2011b and ISE 14.4. ISE 14.5+ introduced a bug in the design that will not be fixed by Xilinx, so it is best to stick with the 14.4 tools. System Generator for the 14.4 tools is only compatible with 2011a, R2011b, 2012a and 2012b. I do not believe there is a way to use MATLAB 2015a to export peripherals to a design on WARPv3.



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