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#1 2018-Apr-27 11:30:56

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Access to 802.11g Preamble Detection


WARP physical layer implements Schmidl&Cox algorithm for WiFi preamble detection. My current project needs the correlation between 16 samples (corr_16 in WARP code) which is implemented in FPGA. I am wondering if I can access to this value via software without modification of FPGA code.



#2 2018-Apr-30 09:22:09

From: Mango Communications
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Re: Access to 802.11g Preamble Detection

Our 802.11 Reference Design for WARP v3 implements the preamble detection algorithm in the FPGA fabric. The correlation blocks update on every received sample (i.e. at 20MSps). These raw correlation values are not stored, and the 20MSps stream of correlation values is not routed to the C code.

I would suggest implementing your Rx PHY processing using WARPLab. This approach implements the Rx IQ processing in M code, where you could compute whatever correlation metric you need. Our OFDM example script would be a good starting point. That script implements an OFDM Tx/Rx similar to 802.11. It does not currently implement auto-correlation preamble detection, but this would be a straightforward extension.



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