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#1 2018-May-10 01:26:17

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Bandwidth Requirement

Dear WARP Team,

I have a query regarding the WARP V3 Bandwidth, As i know that the max bandwidth supported by each  Transceiver IC on V3 is 40MHZ ,but the thing is i need to work on more bandwith than this like you can say between 70 to 100MHZ.

Is there any way to make it happen on WARP V3 board ,So that higher Bandwidth is also achieved?



#2 2018-May-10 08:46:30

From: Mango Communications
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Re: Bandwidth Requirement

The maximum bandwidth of the MAX2829 is 40MHz; it cannot be configured to use wider bandwidths.

One option would be to use two RF interfaces tuned 40MHz apart. This would give 80MHz bandwidth across the two interfaces. The downside is you would need to design your PHY / waveform to use the 2x 40MHz interfaces instead of 1x 80MHz interface. We do not have any sample code for this configuration.



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