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#1 2018-May-11 09:51:09

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The RSS(Received Signal Strengthness)

I have get the  RSS from WARP,but I don't know how to use it directly. My goal is to get the data in dBm, and then draw a two-dimensional map to show the changes in RSS.  I have seen an answer, but it is still not clear.  I was using the WARP SISO OFDM example to read the RSSI.

My question is what do I need to do with the code to convert to dBm data?   Hope to get your detailed answers.

Thank you.



#2 2018-May-11 11:52:39

From: Mango Communications
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Re: The RSS(Received Signal Strengthness)

The RSSI that you read from WARPLab is the output of a 10-bit ADC that is hooked up to the RSSI output of the MAX2829 transceiver. The full range of 10-bit values [0, 1023] cover about 0.6V to 2.6V of the RSSI output from the MAX2829 transceiver. The conversion from that number to power in dBm depends on the waveform that was received. For an 802.11g waveform, the MAX2829 datasheet provides a mapping of RSSI voltage to to Rx input power in dBm in the top-middle subplot on page 16. Further discussion is available in this thread.



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