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#1 2018-Jun-26 00:24:12

Bobbili Vinitha
Registered: 2018-Jun-26
Posts: 34

Full Duplex using Warp

I am doing full duplex implementation on warp board. In full duplex the main problem is self interference effect. To observe and to cancel that effect i need to make RF_A as a  transmitter and RF_B as a receiver on warp board. How to make RF_A as transmitter and RF_B as a receiver on single warp board???

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#2 2018-Jun-26 09:54:53

From: Mango Communications
Registered: 2006-Jul-03
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Re: Full Duplex using Warp

I would suggest using the WARPLab Reference Design. WARPLab supports simultaneous use of RFA and RFB, with each interface configured as Tx or Rx.



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