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#1 2018-Dec-03 15:48:59

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Fan not working


May I know where can I buy the replacement fan?

The fan on one of our warps is not working properly (very slow, or not spin at all). I confirmed the problem by using other warps to power on this fan.




#2 2018-Dec-03 16:10:31

From: Mango Communications
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Re: Fan not working

A fan failure is unusual; we've only seen this in case of mechanical damage or (once) exposure to large amounts of dust.

Be careful operating the node without a functional fan. A large FPGA design (like the 802.11 design) will overheat the FPGA if the fan is not running.

I would recommend replacing just the fan from your board. Do not attempt to remove the metal heat sink from the FPGA package; doing this without damaging the FPGA is unlikely.

The WARP v3 fansink is Radian part FA35+K52B+T710. You could order a replacement fansink from Radian, then swap just the fans.

The TA35 uses a 30x30x10mm / 4.1CFM / 12VDC fan. You may be able to use a third-party replacement fan, such as Digikey part 1570-1350-ND The WARP v3 board does not use the TA35 tachometer output; it would be sufficient to connect just 12VDC and GND to a replacement fan.



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