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#1 2018-Dec-26 09:30:14

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Verilog sources for the FPGA

Are there Verilog RTL sources of the FPGA available ?
This is needed for probing and modifying the various functional blocks of the PHY.



#2 2018-Dec-26 10:48:56

From: Mango Communications
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Re: Verilog sources for the FPGA

Assuming you're referring to our 802.11 PHY implementation - the 802.11 PHY is implemented in Xilinx System Generator. The Sysgen models for the 802.11 Reference Design for WARP v3 are in the repository. Please note this design is licensed for use only on Mango WARP hardware. If you're interested in using our 802.11 design on third-party hardware, we offer a 802.11 MAC/PHY design re-built in Xilinx Vivado. Please contact us for licensing options.



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