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#1 2019-May-14 10:31:43

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after add a fmc_bb_4da core

I add a fmc_bb_4da core into the 802.11 reference design,the fmc user port connect to the PHY rfx_dac port,after re-export hardware to SDK,and download to board ,i find the board can not accept and transmitt packet that one green led illuminated at any given time , the board hex dispalys always display "--",it means not find other BSS (ibss application), but not creat a BSS. when i see the uart output ,i find these uart messages just include initialization of the DRAM contents,I hope the modified project will still work with IBSS ,can you give some advices?



#2 2019-May-15 08:44:13

From: Mango Communications
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Re: after add a fmc_bb_4da core

This is not something we can debug for you remotely. It is likely that either you're skipping a step in the XPS->SDK flow, leading to a non-working design, or your change to the XPS hardware design broke the normal 802.11 design. You will need to explore these possibilities more carefully.



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