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#1 2019-Jun-28 15:18:07

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802.11a PHY OFDM implementation for WARPLab 7

Hi all,

5 years ago when I was working for one of my research projects, I implemented a simple 802.11a physical layer for OFDM for WarpLab 7 environment. I never had the chance to share it with this community although it was always publicly available in github. :) I am not sure if the community here is still active, but recently I thought that it might  still be useful for some other researchers in case they need to quickly prototype smth with 802.11 or learn how to extend WARPLab. I remember at that time how useful the M_Code examples for me to learn.

As I mentioned before, don't see it as a full-featured implementation but as an example for your learning process. :)







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