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#1 2019-Dec-03 00:46:59

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Regarding SDK Workspace

Actually in our project we are using "802.11 Reference Design v1.7.7" as SDK Work_space but we are unable to locate " edk_user_repository" folder in this 1.7.7 version.

But in 1.8.0 version(Latest) you have given separate " edk_user_repository" but "SDK Workspace" folder is not available like 1.7.7 version.

So we are confused how to build complete SDK Project for any of the versions.

We are following the procedure you have asked to follow in the link below.


Description has been given as per 1.7.7 version except that we are unable to locate " edk_user_repository" folder.
How to proceed with this version?



#2 2019-Dec-03 09:06:04

From: Mango Communications
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Re: Regarding SDK Workspace

The 802.11 Reference Design for WARP v3 has never included the edk_user_repository folder. Refer to the wiki for instructions on downloading the repository and adding the repository to the XPS/SDK tools. You must do this before using the SDK Workspace of any WARP reference design.



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