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#1 2019-Dec-27 01:19:44

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question about codeMUMIMIO

The codeMUMIMIO  SU-MIMO or MU-MIMO  mode use CSI to improve the SNR of fixed position,but the finalSNR is always improved even when i have changed the CSI in main_mumimo.m .for example,i saved the CSI  when  the rx end is in the 90 degree direction of the tx ,and then i load the CSI into main_mumimo.m when the rx end is in the 45 degree direction of the tx ,It's strange that the SNR of the receiver is still very high .in my opinion,if CSI was changed SNR will be reduced,so i want Control beam direction by change CSI.can Can someone give me some advice?

Code link http://xyzhang.ucsd.edu/SDM/index.html



#2 2019-Dec-27 12:39:56

From: Mango Communications
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Re: question about codeMUMIMIO

The authors of that code are not active on these forums. We (the Mango WARP team) cannot help you debug this code on the forums. You will need to continue studying the code, or reach out to the original authors for assistance.



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