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#1 2020-Jan-21 00:50:11

Registered: 2019-Oct-31
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Regarding Basic Transmission Reception Program

In every example of C that you have given is related to handling of Ethernet only and use only one WARP Board.

But I want to write C code for Basic Transmission and Reception using two WARP Boards.

So, Is it possible to write Basic Transmission Reception program in Xilinx EDK project  just like MATLAB reference examples?



#2 2020-Jan-21 09:24:58

From: Mango Communications
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Re: Regarding Basic Transmission Reception Program

Using C code running in a MicroBlaze CPU is not a good way to implement a PHY in the FPGA. It is possible in theory but the performance limitations are significant. We have never built a design like this and can provide no support for doing so.



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